A5 Chain?

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A5 Chain?

Postby scleary » Tue Feb 04, 2014 2:08 am

I recently bought a 1988 HC43T Cutter. It came with 2 anchors and mabye 250-300' of chain on one of the anchors. I'm sorting out my ground tackle plans now, and among the considerations are swapping the two plow style anchors for a single Rocna (I have another post about the Rocna and how I might modify the rollers to accommodate it). That brings me to my question.

I'm familiar with BBB chain, typically stamped with 3B or similar. I'm familiar with HT chain, usually stamped with G4 and I've also seen references to A4. The chain on this boat is stamped A5 on every link. I've googled and found only a couple of references to G5/A5 chain. The A5 reference was another person trying to get info (only a question, no answers), the G5 reference was for SS chain. This is definitely galvanized chain, not SS.

I'm looking for the answer for 2 reasons. 1st, I intend to oversize my Rocna. The suggested size for the 43T based on weight and length is 33KG/73lbs, I'm going to opt for the 40KG/88lb model. I want to be sure the chain is appropriately sized for the working load and if this chain is G5, it will have a higher rating than BBB or G4. Since I can't find any specs on G5, I can only guess...but the difference between BBB and G4 is about 2x more strength in G4.

Second reason, I'm considering re-galvanizing the existing chain. It appears to be in very good condition in terms of wear, but it's looking like it may be due for a galvanizing. I've read elsewhere that the higher strength/higher tensile chain types can be adversely effected by heat (hot dip). I don't want to compromise the strength by re-galvanizing if this is HT chain. It is less of an issue with G4 than G7, so if this is G5/A5 it would be a judgment call.

At the end of the day, I just want to know what I have so I can make good decisions moving forward.

Any info/help would be appreciated (i'm hoping someone has first hand experience, as my googling proved very sparse).

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