Lazarette compressor shelf

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Lazarette compressor shelf

Postby freespirit » Sun May 30, 2010 12:03 pm

I have HC33 hull #101. Over the years, the wood shelf that the fridge compressor sits on in the lazarette has been slowly decaying. It's now time to remove it and replace it with something that won't rot away from coil moisture or condensation. Has anyone had to move their compressor to do something similar? Friends are scaring me with concerns of kinking coils and losing freon. Any tips to share? I'm thinking I can just unbolt it from the shelf and gently move it down to the battery step and maybe resting on the seacock handle (then strapped down somehow). Do I need a fridge person "on call" ... lots of ice ... any advice or words of wisdom would be appreciated.

Cathy Winkler
s/v Free Spirit, now located in Oriental NC
Cathy Winkler
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Postby sv_bruadair » Sun May 30, 2010 5:39 pm

Hi Cathy,

Check with the manufacturer of your refrigerator system. We were at one time going to move our compressor (but opted not to) and had checked with Nova Kool. All systems these days ship with quick connectors that once the copper tubes are connected to the compressor the flow of freon starts. Nova Kool told us that we can disconnect the copper tubes and the built in valves in the connectors will prevent the loss of freon (though some very small loss might happy just as you disconnect). This was reassuring for us. Of course the refrigerator wouldn't work until it was reconnected but if it's a quick job then that might not be a problem.

So check with our manufacturer and see what they say.

Of course i
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Postby straban » Mon May 31, 2010 3:05 am

Hi Cathy,

Its been my experience that despite claims by manufactures that their couplings are "plug and play", it is well worth the expense to have a refrigeration mechanic come down service your system with refrigerant. Your system will be much more efficient.

I have gone one step further and have changed my refrigerant to one that is compatible with my R34a compressor but is approximately 15% more efficient, thus saving valuable electricity.

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