Best Washer/Dryer Combo Out There??

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Best Washer/Dryer Combo Out There??

Postby SVTambadil » Fri Oct 06, 2006 2:45 am

Hi, All!

Carolyn and I are in the final days of buying our 1987, Hans Christian 43' Cutter. A forward locker is all plumbed and wired for a small washer/dryer and, well, Carolyn says we GOTTA! With our issues of...

water usage
power draw/usage
dependability and service

Any big "hits" out there right now? The boat has a pretty big watermaker set up, and we would only run the w/d machine if the watermaker was fully functioning. Questions...

Venting vs. No Vent systems (no vent =more water)
Capacity of w/d


Any thoughts?

Best regards,

Chad and Carolyn CnC
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