HC 33 holding tank

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HC 33 holding tank

Postby bramfam » Sun Sep 23, 2018 6:05 pm

Hi all, I have come to accept that my secondary holding tank needs removing or replacing. The original owner was on the Great Lakes and built the tank out of stainless steel which is now developing pinhole corrosion. The tank is about 1 foot wide by 1 foot deep by two feet long and it is installed in the forward spot under the Pullman where everyone installs their air conditioner. It gravity feeds into the original tank below via a big hose, and the hole system is vented out the top of the secondary. I would like to just remove this tank and put in air conditioning for these hot, humid Chesapeake summers, but I’m wondering if I will have sufficient room for black water if I remove the secondary tank, as the original is only 15 gallons. I think the 38 has a 25 gallon tank. I would appreciate any thoughts on whether people find the fifteen gallon tank sufficient for coastal cruising. I’ve found my current 30 gallon capacity sufficient, but not sure if 15 is practical.
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Re: HC 33 holding tank

Postby andyv94 » Fri Oct 12, 2018 6:38 pm


Any chance you can take some pictures of your tanks locations? The previous owner removed the original 15 gallon tank that sits right in the forward bilge. He added a tank between the mast post and the water tank bellow the table :shock:
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