Raw Water Pump for 3QM30F

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Raw Water Pump for 3QM30F

Postby sv_bruadair » Wed Dec 08, 2010 5:46 pm

In course of the past few days trying to source out parts to rebuild my raw water pump I have learned a lot and wanted to share some of that here with other owners.

In the parts manual there are two different sets of parts listed. One set is for the 2QM, 2QM20 and 3QM30. The second set are different part numbers for the 3QM. The parts listed under the 3QM30 column are not for our engine, they are for a smaller water pump typically found on the 2QMs and certain models of the 3QM30. The parts listed under the 3QM column are the parts for our engine. The raw water pump rebuild kit offered by Torrensens has 3QM30 listed in the description but the impeller and gasket that is included in that kit are not the ones we use so they won't fit, which probably means the seals and bearings won't fit either. But the rebuild kit for the 3QM does list the same part numbers for the impeller and gasket that we use which makes be think this would be the correct choice.

I was able to buy all the bearings, seals and circlips so that I could rebuild my pump, actually I bought two sets so that I would have spares. That cost about $55 from Marine Diesel Parts (bob@niemiecmarine.com) for one set. That does not include a new impeller shaft, impeller or cover gasket. At the end of the day I also ended up buying a new raw water pump from Marine Diesel Parts as well only because I am in such a remote area that if for whatever reason if I had troubles completing a rebuild I would at least be able to put a new pump on and keep going. The price was almost $100 less at Marine Diesel Parts than it was with anyone else.

Bottom line, when ordering parts for your Yanmar 3QM30F do your home work on part numbers and make sure you're buying what you truly need. Once I get the parts (in a few weeks) and do my rebuild I'll post the results here. And if it goes well then I'll also post the part numbers here as well.
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