Part numbers for rebuilding raw water pump on 3QM30F

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Part numbers for rebuilding raw water pump on 3QM30F

Postby sv_bruadair » Sun Feb 06, 2011 8:43 pm

The following part numbers are good for parts needed to rebuild the raw water pump on the 30QM30F;

24421-173208 Seal Qty 2 (replaces part number 145410-46080) $2.72 each
24101-062034 Ball bearing Qty 2 $5.43 each
22242-000170 Circlip 17 Qty 1 $0.68 each
22252-000400 Circlip 40 Qty 1 $1.19 each
124223-42021 Gasket Qty 1 $0.85 each (gasket between pump and engine block)

145410-46070 Ring, water seal has been discontinued and is no longer available, I think it is a plastic washer but not sure yet. According to the schematic it appears that this is the part that should keep the pump from leaking but I have not had the courage to take apart my new water pump to see if there is on in it. The shaft has also been discontinued. So to rebuild the water pump will cost around $19 plus tax and any shipping. All these parts were in stock with my Yanmar dealer.

The part number for a whole new water pump assembly is 121390-42001 and includes every thing assembled and ready to use. I got a pretty good deal at $769, they usually go for around $940. Obviously the parts would be more economical to buy however if the shaft is scored deeply it may not be salvageable. I have rebuilt my pump but won't install it to check for leaks until later this spring or summer.
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Postby mimoza » Mon Feb 07, 2011 10:06 pm

It's thoughtful of you to post this information. Thanks so very much.

It occurs to me that one could have a new shaft machined for a reasonable price, especially here in the Pacific NorthWet where Boeing machinists abound.
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