Teak galley post. Structural or cosmetic?

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Teak galley post. Structural or cosmetic?

Postby dalsaunders » Sun Jun 24, 2018 5:24 pm

If anyone has any input on this it would be greatly appreciated.

1980 38T

I have removed what was a modified from original galley post. Previous owner wanted to vent the engine room so installed pvc piping that vented to the scoop above the galley.

The post bottom does not go to the bottom of the bilge and therefore I cannot see it having any structural signifigance.

We also don’t see the need for the engine vent either. Although a decent idea, the boat was never made with a vent in the first place so I can’t see this a pertinent feature either.

We quite like the cabin space without the post in place but just want to see if anyone can verify structural integrity or not.

I have walked in the deck in this area and there doesn’t seem to be any flex or soft area. I don’t think the previous vent post was even really butted up against the ceiling much anyway.

Thanks for your help. :)
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