Our Summer 2006 Crewing Experiences...and A Few Tips!

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Our Summer 2006 Crewing Experiences...and A Few Tips!

Postby SVTambadil » Fri Oct 06, 2006 2:50 am

Just a quick report that we survived our summer crewing experiences--connections that were made on the SSCA crewing website--and are now, well, more experienced! It IS kind of kooky to first meet people a day or so before setting off on a vacation in very close quarters, and what we learned is that it is VERY hard to predict how things will turn out.

Our first crewing was with a couple in their 50's aboard their 48' S&S design ketch. After plane hopping from San Francisco to New York to Puerto Rico, we met them after a little "island hop" flight to Dominica in the Caribbean. The two weeks we spent with them (Dominica to Martinique to St Lucia), was characterized by amazing sunsets, some fun land-side experiences, spending too much money (on everything from food and restaurants to our share of fuel, etc.), and getting to know this fascinating, eccentric couple (the wife was the skipper) that could have stepped out of a Dickins novel!

Our second crewing was to join three others (husband/wife boat owners, and a single man of 50ish) to bring a California Pacific Cup racing boat (Cal 40) back from Honolulu to San Francisco--2,100 miles away. From this 19 day grueling sail, I would have to pass on to you--fellow crewee--that even if you think that you "know" someone (phone chats, emails, pre-meets, etc), you just do not KNOW them until you are soaking wet and pissed after pounding/slamming hard for a week! Of the boats we set out with, 6 turned back, and one sank completely (tangled with a whale). We pounded hard for the vast majority of our 19 day voyage and enjoyed countless squalls and one edge of a gale for a couple days. If you think passing a kidney stone is bad, try passing one in the middle of the Pacific with no strong pain killers (as one crew member did). With that crewmember not able to help sail for 18 of our 19 days, my wife, Carolyn, and I sailed, hand steering by tiller, 12 hours during the day until the two other crew came on for the night. Carolyn also nursed the sick crewmember, and cooked for everyone!

If any new "crew seeking boats" folks want more details, or things to look out for, please drop us a line at chadandcarolyn at svenartsmedia.com

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