Hans Christian 48 Info requested

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Hans Christian 48 Info requested

Postby liward » Fri Mar 07, 2014 3:12 pm

Hello all,
We have owned our Hans Christian 48 for over 26 years. We've just made our pacific crossing to Tahiti and plan to continue on to New Zealand next year. While we are in New Zealand we plan to drop the mast to paint, replace the standing rigging which is 10 years old, and possibly make some changes. We'd like to communicate with other 48's about their rigging. You'd think we'd be the experts after living aboard for 26 years but we have some questions. Please message us at
Liward48@hotmail.com or this board. And if you like to see some photos of our 8 years of cruising check out
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Re: Hans Christian 48 Info requested

Postby sv_pacific_pearl » Tue Mar 11, 2014 6:21 am


I have a 48 but have only had it for seven years. It is a ketch so not sure if any of this helps.

My rig was pulled during the 2008 refit . It was painted and many fittings replaced. the base of the mast mounted winches were redesigned and the whole thing was resprayed.

The quality of the job was poor. 2 years later i noticed some dissimilar metals corrosion on most fittings and consequently took action to get a quote to redo the whole thing. The staring rigging had been replaced in 2006 by the past owner - apparently - not sure. I have norseman fittings through out. The quote/survey process has taken some time as I wanted to simplify what was there using some newer fittings like hydraulic vangs, roller cars, canoe boom etc. I also redesigned all chainplates so that they can be removed externally. The final price for my preferred contractor to rebuild both rigs and replace all 10 plates was $260k.

More than the cost of a new rig! Probably as much as the whole boat is worth if I am honest with myself. but hey, who wants to dwell on that for too long!!!

So as per usual, I have decided to do it myself using a local rigger as a consultant. I think I should be able to get what I want for about 80K to 100k.

The project started today.

after I finish the job, having made my usual round of blunders, I should be an expert. Actually probably not.
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