HC36 cutlass bearing

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HC36 cutlass bearing

Postby nickgotwater » Wed Mar 02, 2016 4:32 am

Good day. I have my 36 Hans Christain on the hard and surveyor pointed out my cutlass bearing need replaced. If anyone has any pointers on what I need to do it would be much appreciated.
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Re: HC36 cutlass bearing

Postby Bill » Wed Mar 02, 2016 9:04 pm

Hi Nick,

We have a 43 so your results may differ. For us the process goes like this.

Remove the prop
Loosen your stuffing box
remove the shaft, usually 2 set screws, but may require more if you have pillow blocks etc.
remove 1 or two set screws from the cutlass bearing
pull the bearing..We have always drilled a hole in the bronze and inserted a screw or something that allowed you to get a good grip on the bearing to pull on.
Replace bearing and reverse.

If you have a hankering to do so, now would be a good time to replace the packing in your stuffing box as well.
Align shaft when completed
Check shaft alignment when put back in the water.

That should do it.

I have heard tale that some of the other Han's required removal of the rudder, so best to be sure you have the clearance for the shaft to come out before getting to deep into the process..
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