Backing plate for binicle

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Backing plate for binicle

Postby edelweiss » Mon Apr 02, 2018 5:49 am

In my never ending search to find more things to maintain I turned my unblinking eye to the backing plate for the binicle. Mine was shedding a small but steady sprinkle of rust onto the bulkhead floor in front of the quadrant. There was also some evidence of rust expansion and it appeared that this plate was likely made from mild steel.
After removing it and examining it closer, It had the typical appearance of Taiwanese mild steel and probably would have lasted another 5 years. We made a new plate and inspected the idler pulleys. They both had some wobble from the bearing pin working on the pulleys. The pulleys looked in very good condition and I elected to centerbore them slightly larger and place a bushing that will fit the pin. The supports for the pulleys looked fine. Reinstallation will align the pulleys to the quadrant more closely.
I have been watching this assembly for many years and although it always functioned well, that rusting was nagging at me and I m glad to replace so I can dream about some other part.

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