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Postby johnrobinson » Mon Mar 19, 2007 3:45 pm

I'm cleaning out the boat locker (garage) in anticipation of this springs departure and have 3 sails that are FREE to anyone who will pay the packing and shipping . . . they are all for a 43T Cutter:

1) Drifter by Ulmar sail w/bag: only been used a few times so it's in very good shape. The Sail is white, yellow and orange (broad colored panels). The dimensions are: Luff - 52' 10"; Leach - 48' 10"; Foot 33' 4".
2) Yankee by Lee with luff tape for a foil. Servicable sail . . . has one square patch. Luff approximately 52' 6" +/-.
3) Hanked on stay sail by Lee; also servicable.

All of the sails are usable . . . I'm just not going to carry spares and since we're downsizing the house . . . I'd rather have someone else use them than pay to store them.

e-mail me at if you want one or all.

Regards. John Robinson, s/v Crossings, Seattle
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Old ad for sails

Postby mynec500 » Thu Feb 14, 2013 5:41 pm

I know the ad was placed in 2006, but who knows. Are these still available? If so, I would be happy to pick them up.
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