Headsail Dimensions

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Headsail Dimensions

Postby charles » Thu Apr 01, 2010 9:43 pm

Does anyone have the original dimensions for a yankee headsail on a 38T (before they moved the mast forward)? thnx
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Postby mimoza » Fri Apr 02, 2010 6:16 pm

The best way to get this dimension is with a tape measure. There is really no substitute. There are design details out there in the wild, but the fact is that HCs were generally commssioned at the final delivery point. Mine was commissioned in Seattle with spars built about 20 miles away. Where was yours commissioned? How much clearance do you want your yankee to have above the deck? What percentage yankee do you want? Are you considering adapting a sail from a source other than a sailmaker?

If you are having a sail made up, either it is local or (e)mail order.
If it is local, your sailmaker should come to the boat at no extra charge to take the measurements. Any sailmaker who charges extra for this (other than travel) is not a sailmaker, but rather a sale-maker.

If you are ordering online, you'll have to make the measurements yourself, and decide how long your pendants should be, and what kind of percentage area you want in the fore triangle. If you are adapting a used sail, you'll just have to decide whether it is close enough.

You don't have to go up the mast, unless you want to change your halyard details (is it roller furling?). Just make sure the end of your tape measure is firmly attached to the halyard, and haul away.
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