Fly the HCOA Burgee!

Members may order the HCOA burgee (pictured right)
by sending your name and address along  with a check or money order for US$25 to:

HCOA Membership
c/o Brian Countryman
916 6th St
Mukilteo, WA
USA 98275


The Hans Christian Burgee
Contributed by: Don of, S/V Que Sera Sera

This is no normal burgee of that I’m sure. It like the many yachts from which it flies is unique. Proud I was when I received it with my membership, and as I unwrapped it and felt its quality and sturdiness I could sense that it was indeed a special flag. Now after having flown my Hans burgee across an ocean and several seas I can relate its hardy nature.

A soft breeze of six knots may be good for most other class burgees to fly, but not our stout flag, at six it is still hanging limp on the halyard. Ten knots then you would think might get it stirring. Not very much I’d say, for its still more dangled down and without a flap to be seen. Rather like the sturdy yachts we sail, she needs a little wind to make it go. Perhaps even a fresh breeze is better. Preferably a force six is best for then it stands up straight and to fly with the wind. A force seven is needed however to make her really start to flap and snap proudly to and fro.

Most other club burgees when subjected to a force eight blow would quickly be in tatters or probably gone altogether, but not our trusty flag. It does however make the most loud terrible snap snapping sound which can even be heard above the raging winds and crashing seas.

So then when the winds do howl; know that as your Hans burgee is snap snapping above, the Hans Christian yacht your sailing is strong and stout below your feet, and is sailing along quite sweet.