Here you will find many answers to your questions about HCOA, Hans Christians and probably a lot more. This page is provided to help everyone in their quest for HC knowledge. For those looking to purchase a new or used HC, many of these links will help in your decision making process.

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Where can I buy a new HC?
Yachtworld Dealers

When did Hans Christian Yachts start building boats?
The first boats were built in the early 1970's

What is Hans Christian Yachts URL?

Where are the boats built?
The first boats were built in Taiwan. The production facilities are now located on the east coast of Thailand near Bangkok.

How many boats have been built?

Who designed the boats?
Several people have been credited with the design of the HC. Many stories have been told regarding this sensitive subject, but generally speaking Robert H. Perry, Harwood Ives, Scott Spragne and Tommy Chen are credited with the design.

What are the HC models?
Hans Christian has built many different models. Several are still in production.
HC33, HC34, HC36, HC38, HC39, HC41, HC43, HC48, HC52, ,HC54 Offshore Explorer, Christina Explorer

Which models are still in production?
Traditional: HC33, HC38, HC41 and HC48
Christina: 43 and 52
Offshore Explorer 4750