Announcement: Updated software

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Announcement: Updated software

Postby hcadmin » Wed Sep 04, 2013 2:17 am

"Updated software" always strikes fear into my heart. There will be growing pains, to be sure, but these updates were completely necessary just to keep this board alive. Every single off-the-shelf component was at least a full version out of date. When our site host terminated PHP4 scripting, there was no option but to update every component of our board.

I would have dealt with this sooner, but this is my first major foray into web admin. But hey, it's just ones and zeroes. How hard can it be? Let me just say that it took a long time, but at least it was painful.

It will be strange to look at the bulletin board for a few days. There will be strange behaviors. On the plus side, there will be some great features to enjoy. The BB search function works as intended. It is no longer necessary to use the Schmoogle search on the home page. I am relatively sure that all content was retained, and I am keeping a backup of the old data. The photo gallery was successfully updated as well.

The navigation bar at the top of the page may disappear when in the bulletin board, but one can always just go to to get it back.

Please log in at
Or sign up at

But we'll get it ironed out. Use the "Contact HCOA" link of you need to grouse about something. Don't be afraid to complain twice or more.

Let me know of any real difficulties you can't cope with. If you have trouble with your password, just use the "I forgot" option at You will get a PW reset link in the mail

Please just be patient. I am a volunteer here, and I have a small business of my own to run. But I am here to help.

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Re: Announcement: Updated software

Postby mimoza » Mon Sep 30, 2013 9:07 pm

The bulleting board software has just been updated to the latest version. Compared to the last update, this one is miniscule. You shouldn't notice any differences whatsoever. However if we should require support from the people who maintain this bulletin board software, we must be running the latest version, or else all we will get Is a blank stare.

Just staying current.
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