Electronics recommendations

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Electronics recommendations

Postby brookiesailor1 » Thu Mar 05, 2015 2:54 am

I am considering buying a new HC 48T. In looking at the specs sheet no electronics were listed. I wrote the builder and he confirmed that no electronics are included in the package. I need to make a list of needs and wants and then price them out. Being that this is going to be my first boat I thought that I would ask the more experienced what is on their list. So electronic wise what are your have to haves and would be nice's.

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Re: Electronics recommendations

Postby chrisray12 » Tue Mar 17, 2015 7:14 am

This is a pretty big question. One that offers a diverse range of opinions and commentary. I can certainly say what works for me and what my dream setup is/would be entirely different from everyone else on this board. I assume no one has answered this yet because it is a lot like asking a group of doctors, what's your favorite disease. It's unanswerable or you will get 50 opinions. All different from your opinion.
I am to assume you are referring to navigational electronics and not system base 12v/ 24v/ 120/ 220 ( which is setup at the manufacturer)

So to make it the easiest and because this is your "first" boat I will use a general rules of-
1)That's a lot of boat for a first boat but no judgement here. Go for it.

2) You need the usual setup of depth/speed sounder thru hulls. Wind x on the masthead. These will all read out on instruments you mount somewhere in the cockpit. You should probably add AIS, radar and combine thru hulls with one triducer.

3)For ease of installation and networking you probably want to stick everything with the same company.
If money is not option - go B&G. They are expensive but they will last a decade or more with proper care.
If you want ease of use- go Garmin. Great options, easy layout and easy to use.
If you want the name- go Raymarine. I think they have some great features and is my preferred system but not as reliable as b&g and not as easy as Garmin.

Hope that helps and good luck.
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Re: Electronics recommendations

Postby Guest » Wed Apr 08, 2015 2:47 pm

Hi Brooke,

Garmin is OEM for HC Europe, and we can arrange a good price for you. From this season, Garmin is offering the full range, including autopilots. I have been dealing with other brands in the past, but have chosen Garmin for their reliability and user interface.

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