New Owner 38T KODOKU

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New Owner 38T KODOKU

Postby Kodoku » Thu Sep 10, 2020 4:45 pm

Hi everyone,

I am a new owner of a 1985 Hans Christian 38 Telstar named Kodoku hull#99.

I will be completely refurbishing the interior and exterior back to bright condition with as many original parts as I can locate, buy, trade or manufacture.
I will be removing the teak decks to nonskid, replacing all sails, major interior refurbishment and redesign, relocating radar, and many solar/electrical upgrades and replacements.
Lastly a new engine.

Some items that have gone missing and I would love to know how to find, buy, trade, or plans on manufacturing are:
1. Belaying Pins on Mast Pulpits
2. Staysail Boom + Attachments Hardware
3. Specific looking Exterior Bolts
4. Emergency Tiller

I have alot of unique original paperwork from the build, first sell and import in the U.S. and other interesting HC stuff not related only to the boat and company behind it back then.

I will be continually updating this thread over the next year and would love to connect with other HC owners on the West Coast US. I am currently in Portland, OR.

Thank you for any information and or ideas.
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Re: New Owner 38T KODOKU

Postby mimoza » Fri Sep 11, 2020 2:13 am

She's a beauty!

I would think belaying pins are relatively easy to find, although I have not looked. (I have mine) Should be easy to turn on a lathe.

I know teak decks are a pain, but Wet & Forget keeps mine from getting any worse. I hope you'll go sailing before tearing her decks apart. The weather (smoke) this weekend should be interesting.

Good luck on the e tiller. You might have to find one to copy.

Welcome aboard, skipper!
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