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Dyneema replacement for stainless wire rope halyards

PostPosted: Sun Feb 25, 2018 9:51 pm
by seabound
I recently replaced my halyards, well the rope portion anyways. Braided new line to the stainless 1/4" wire rope. After doing this, I now wish I would have replaced the wire rope with dyneema line. My original plan was to just go to all 7/16 line on my halyards. However the sheaves at the mast top are made for 1/4" wire rope, vee notched and changing the sheaves to another type just won't work. Get a sheave with the proper cut and diameter for the 7/16 line to give it clearance inside the mast and the line will chafe on the exit from the mast. So without major surgery to the mast, what I have is what I get. Has anyone else used Dyneema line in place of the wire rope with success? It's just as if not stronger.