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After four years of benign but nearly fatal neglect, the bulletin board has been migrated to the newest board software available. We're still working on some details, but here are some changes:

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We'll get it all squared away soon, but the migration was imperative and had to be done asap due to the end-of-life of the scripting engine that the old board ran under. 

Fair winds.

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Check Out our  Classifieds section in Buy/Sell/Trade. It is now a fully self service classified section. Members now get unlimited ads, within reason... if you place them yourself. Please note that your Classifieds login is a completely separate login from your Message Board login. You must create a new UserID and Password for this feature.

Hans Christian Yachts has resumed production by the new owners Jack and Jum Hall of Pantawee Marine Co Ltd!

Member Roster updated. 11/22/12

HCOA is renewing the Boat US Group Discount for all HCOA friends and members.
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(HCOA), is a not-for-profit group currently consisting of over 220 members, and soon-to-be owners of Hans Christian yachts, from around the world. The objective of HCOA is to enhance the pleasure of owning and/or sailing a Hans Christian. HCOA provides a forum for owners, and persons interested in Hans Christian yachts, to socialize and exchange ideas, maintenance tips, and other information related to the ownership and operation of Hans Christians as well as sailing in general. Everyone with any kind of boat (or not) is welcome to join. We have many members who own other boats or none at all.

We have members hailing from ports around the world. Cruising members stay in touch by posting Cruising Notes in our Newsletter section within the Members Only pages. Also, current, past and future Hans Christian owners can see what members are up to on the Member Sites page.

Join us! If you are new to HCOA and would like to join, it's easy to fill out an application on-line. Members have exclusive access to features on our website including current and past HCOA newsletters, Bilge Water & Bailing Wire maintenance articles, Cruising Notes, member photos, the HCOA membership roster, and Hans Christian reviews.  Members can also post free ads on our Buy/Sell/Trade page for boats and equipment!

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